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Encrypt your files online

Encrypted file sharing is simple. To retain the privacy of your data, we encrypt it at the source in your browser. It means that no one else, not even Duckist, has access to the information.

The software produces a self-destructing link that you send to the intended recipient. After they've viewed the content, it destroys the data, ensuring no one else can access it afterward.

Decrypt on receiver’s end

The sender that encrypted the message can send the generated link onto any email or messaging service. When the receiver sees it, they can only view the contents once before it automatically self-destructs.

Secure & easy file transfer

Duckist is easy, fast, and free file encryption tool. The recipient's link expires to prevent security breaches like phishing attacks or bad actors who could see the message. We believe this is the best way to protect sensitive information.

The service doesn’t require any registration, cookies, downloads, access to your device, and personal data. Duckist is a privacy absolutist.

Any type of file encryption

Duckist encodes a range of text, image, video, and even zip-based files (up to 5MB in size with the free plan), irrespective of your operating system. Whether it’s Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, or Mac file encryption, Duckist has no problem.

Everything happens in your browser, and no one has access to your file except you and the person meant to receive it.

You can set up encrypted anonymous chat rooms with a minimalistic, intuitive, and beautiful interface. Here, other users can share private conversations where they can track who else has seen their messages with a link.

Integrate file encryption software in your business

Duckist is a file encryption tool for individuals and businesses as well. We understand that enterprises must safeguard their intellectual property from unwanted detractors.

Part of this process is ensuring that employees in these organizations use a secure file-sharing service like Contact our team to set up a custom solution for corporate clients.


Why is file encryption important?

File encryption ensures that data sent between two parties is transferred confidentially while in transit. It means the information is shielded away from prying eyes.

Does file encryption protect against ransomware?

In most cases, file encryption online cannot protect you from ransomware. While encryption is a solid defense mechanism, you should take a few other precautions like:

  • Using the best available antivirus program

  • Regularly updating your operating system’s software

  • Having a reliable backup of your files

Which files have to be encrypted?

Any personal, financial, commercial and legal files benefit from encryption.

What is file encryption & decryption?

Encrypting a file means you conceal the data within it when it’s being transferred to someone else. Decryption is when you unencrypt or open the file into its intended readable form.

How does secure file transfer with work?

Users create encrypted self-destructing messages of various text, image, and video files on When the intended recipient receives it, they only have one time to access it before the link expires to protect them from potential hackers.

Which file secure file sharing tool to use?

Duckist! Why:

  • It’s free, fast, and easy to use

  • No registration, downloads, or personal information is needed

  • Clients can send a variety of files and secret messages that they and the receiver only see

  • Messages have a self-destructing feature and one-time access

  • It has an elegant and robust interface for chat rooms where you can share files across users privately and securely