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Easy-to-use. Elegant. Fast. Duckist.

You can access private and secure team communication without downloading software or signing up for an account. In a matter of seconds, you get encrypted chats for your team.

Duckist is easy to use, so simple that even a child can use it. Yet, the interface is elegant and secure enough to complete the main job. Best of all, it’s free of charge.

Encrypted chatting & team communication

Duckist is one of the best encrypted messaging apps for your team. You can quickly set up an anonymous chat room for discussions with an unlimited number of users.

The software automatically encrypts all messages in your desktop or mobile browser, meaning they are only accessible to you and the intended members. Even Duckist’s team cannot see your conversations.

Encrypt, decrypt, and transfer files securely

Data encryption for business with Duckist is not only for typed messages. Our software can transfer various text, image, and video-based files across all popular OS brands like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Duckist encodes the data in your browser. It then generates a URL you share with team members on any email or messaging app.

This link has a set expiry time so that, even in the worst-case scenario, bad actors will hit a blank when they view it. Sharing secrets using Duckist.com keeps your valuable data safe.

Share access with the team safely

Even today, some businesses still share information through the most insecure methods, like plain text and email. While these channels are convenient, they increase security breach risks that can be costly to an organization. Well, Duckist is the top file encryption software for business. Its features were designed to ensure your team truly has safe and private access to their precious information.

We believe that you should prioritize the security of your business.

Self destruct secret messages

Self-destructing is crucial in encrypted chats. No one wants a lasting record of their secret conversations. With Duckist, users can set the lifetime of their messages. Your chats will self-destruct, safeguarding your data from the many online threats.


What are the benefits of encryption for business?

As a business, the main reason for encryption is to safeguard your data from malicious external forces. It also ensures that the company complies with any necessary data protection legislation.

Because data is highly susceptible in transit, encryption permits the most secure transfer of it.

What files should companies encrypt?

Businesses should encode any files of a personal, financial, commercial, and legal nature.

Why is secure team communication vital for business?

The purpose is to prevent any valuable information from leaking outside the business environment.

How to prevent a data breach during phishing attacks?

  • Use encryption for all your files
  • Regularly update all software
  • Use an antivirus program with a firewall
  • Change passwords frequently
  • Install anti-phishing add-ons that spot potential phishing scams

How to securely share sensitive logins and passwords?

Use a service like Duckist.

Why is Duckist your go-to encryption software for business?

Duckist is an excellent choice for business encryption software because:

  • It’s free to use
  • No registration, downloads, or personal information required
  • End-to-end encryption for messages and various text, image, and video files
  • Self-destructing messages by default
  • Anonymous chat rooms with unlimited users available

What kind of encryption to use for a small company?

End-to-end or asymmetric encryption. Only the sender and the intended recipient can read the data.