Top Reasons Why Encrypted Communications Are Important for Freelance Teams

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Introduction: Why is team communication important

Leading a team online is a rewarding but challenging job. Work from home routine raises multiple questions. What are the best apps & tools to chat, share information, ideas and data? How do you coordinate efforts and spot conflicts efficiently? How to keep team communications safe and encrypted? Easy and reliable communication tools also help to build trust and rapport among individuals working on mutual objectives.

Tech companies & startups are now hiring professionals to help enhance the communication between employees and customers. Doing so not only boosts the morale within the settings but also helps drive an increasing number of sales.

Why secure & encrypted communications are vital for your team's success?

The sense of self-confidence and individual safety can be easily uplifted with the help of secure and encrypted communications. Knowing that your personal or business conversations are kept within a safe network gives you peace of mind and creates a positive environment to drive your other matters. Encryption can also maintain the integrity of your data even if it becomes prone to hackers. Many big institutions keep a strict protocol of keeping all the sensitive information under check to ensure quality standards.Some other advantages are:

  • Secure communications help protect the team’s credentials from unauthorized individuals. This can be extremely vital if your group is situated in different parts of the globe and interacts via texts or video calls.

  • Protection from cyber attacks can also aid in limiting the downtime that your business may suffer. Even a few seconds of delay in the uptime can mount up slowly and may result in decreased productivity over the long term.

What is the fastest & most secure method to communicate?

It is vital not to confuse security and privacy while looking for safe conversation methods. Privacy is the right to be free from unwanted or undue publicity and to be left alone. In contrast, security refers to the safety of your data from potential hackers or any unauthorized third party.

There has been a constant debate regarding the most secure communication methods available. While most prefer face-to-face conversation, holding such a form of talk is impossible if two individuals are located at a vast distance.

Text messaging using encrypted software is the answer that most reach when it comes to secure communications. End-to-end encrypted messages are secured with top-grade security and are only decrypted on a recipient's device. Even if the third party intercepts the messages, they won't be able to read the contents of the conversation. However, to register in any end-2-end encrypted messaging app, you’ll have to share your phone number. Web browser encryption is the next step if you want to stay anonymous and keep all your personal data safe.

What is an example of encrypted communications & how does it work?

One example of encrypted chatting is when two people communicate through email or text messages and use a program to encrypt their messages. Some popular methods of encryption are

  • Symmetrical. One of the old methods to secure conversations between two parties, Symmetrical encryption, involves creating a common key. The key converts the coded letters or numbers into regular symbols, i.e., it is used for encryption and decryption purposes. It must be shared between both individuals before sending any texts.

  • Public key. A reliable way to maintain a conversation between two individuals on the internet. It involves a private and a public key used for encoding and decoding the conversations.

  • SSL and TLS. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TSL (Transport Layer Security) are protocols that provide authentication and encryption or communications over the internet. SSL and TSL are most commonly used in web browsers to protect information entered by users, such as credit card numbers and login credentials.

Encrypted communication software

Multiple software or algorithms have been developed to ensure that your conversation remains secure to the highest standards. These systems vary depending on the key length, type, and the total size of encrypted data.

A few common encryption algorithms are

  • Triple DES. A better solution to the original DES encryption is the triple DES gets its name as it passes the data block through the DES 3 times.

  • AES. The Advanced Encryption Standard is a successor to the DES system that uses 256. 192 and 128-bit keys to encrypt the data in 14, 12, and 10 rounds, respectively. These are one of the most commonly used methods in the market nowadays.

  • RSA. RSA encryption is a type of public-key cryptography that is used to encrypt data and ensure that it can only be decrypted by the intended recipient. RSA is the most commonly used type of public-key cryptography. The encryption is named after Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman, i.e., the developers.

  • Twofish. An open-source encryption service that encrypts data blocks of 128 bits. It was developed in 1998 and is optimized for software and hardware.

Why are many communication departments encrypting now?

The number of businesses and individuals looking out for encrypting their conversations and payments is increasing to limit any unauthorized access to sensitive information. This includes hiring professional cyber security experts who can develop various safety algorithms to ensure short and long-term protection.

Quantum cryptography might be in place for keeping a tight look on the modern digital infrastructure. As more communication departments implement a strong firewall, it is becoming impossible for hackers to exploit your security and privacy.

What is the best encrypted web app for chatting, messaging & file sharing?

So what is the best free software to use for sharing your personal or company secrets & data? We, of course, believe it is our that helps to create an encrypted chat room that will self-destruct in minutes or days. Besides this, Duckist can help with sending one-time messages and files that are securely encrypted inside the browser.

Users can share their passwords or sensitive information through the most secure chatting interface within seconds. The user-friendly interface will help keep your team engaged. In case of a breach in any of your IT-systems, the message will already be self-destructed and thus the hacker will not be able to see the secret.

Who & why needs Duckist?

Too many small to mid-range IT companies confront the steady issue in the 21st century: it is hard to secure your critical data while sharing logins, passwords, and financial information between customers and team members. Sure, there’re plenty of solid solutions on the market for this, but with a rough work timeline, simple switching to encrypted communication channels inside the company can turn into a heroic challenge.

Trying to get all the team & freelancers involved in new services can be a failure if you lack free time. To let it all go means to leave logins & passwords to accounts, clients' credentials, files, etc. It ends up in tons of non-encrypted e-mails, chats or social media communication. offers a beautiful, free and easy-to-use approach instead, which can be implemented in seconds while taking care of your data security. corporate plans can create an in-house encrypted network for communication for IT companies that is kept secure using top-tier safety protocols. Just get in touch with us right now. Encrypted communications are important in the workplace because they help protect employees' privacy and the company's confidential information. They can also help to prevent data breaches and other security threats.

Any login & password is under the protection from phishing attacks with the encrypted link tracked by the creator. In the worst-case scenario, the hacker will only see an expired link even if the link is compromised. Users can also generate self-destructing message that deletes when the receiver reads them.