About Us

Duckist is a fun and easy antidote to the complicated password sharing tools that take too long to set up and baffle your entire team. You know which tools we mean! Those that require training to use, and yet another password to remember. We know… We’ve been there too.

As software developers, here at TigerTeamX.com, we’ve been entrusted with plenty of credentials to systems that could cost our clients some serious $$$, if compromised. Everyone is still slinging passwords and confidential files like it’s 1999.

Information that should be handled with utmost care gets frequently shared as plain text via insecure methods. Though convenient, instant messages or e-mail are hardly optimal.

Unsuspecting team members are often unaware or complacent about the dangers of potential phishing attacks and the resulting security breaches. Tax documentation, medical records, unpublished research or trade secrets are mere examples of the types of documents organizations strive to keep private. Something had to be done, so we created Duckist and put the integrity of our company behind it.

Why Duckist?

Duckist’s interface is so simple and intuitive, that even a child can use it if they are up to no good, yet the system is perfectly secure. You can share all sorts of secret messages and confidential files, hidden from us, but visible only to the intended recipients. As contents of a link, the message gets encrypted on the frontend, ensuring that only the receiver of the link has one-time access before the message self-destructs. Setting additional alerts, such as multiple viewing attempts, adds an extra layer of protection. For our corporate clients, we set up a custom, on-premise solution within a closed system, ensuring complete protection against prying eyes.

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Shielding your valuable data from malicious intent is easy with Duckist!

At TigerTeamX.com we strive to deliver reliable software solutions that just work and make the users’ life easier.